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    Dongguan Deke Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Address:No.1,Fuzhu Road ,Yinyang industrial ditrict,Zhangyang zone,Zhangmutou town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province.

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    Exhibition Announcement
    Date:2013-03-07 08:36

    Exhibition Announcement

                                「CHINAPLAS 2013---International Rubber Exhibition」 The 27th CHINAPLAS will be held in Pazhou exhibition hall in Guangzhou,China during the China Export Commodities Fair on May 20th to 23th in the year 2013. The organizers and co-organizers are:
    Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.
    China Foreign Trade Center ( Group)
    China Light Industry Federation, the China Plastics Processing Industry Association
    China Plastic Machinery Industry Association
    Guangdong Province Plastics Industry Association
    Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Plastics Industry Association
    Beijing Yazhan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
    Our company will take part in the exhibition in Hall 13.1 E21. At that time, all customers are warm welcomed to visit and give us some suggestions and guidance!
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    Tel:+86 0769-82058058  Fax: +86 769-82058858  Address:  No.1,FuzhuRoad ,Yinyang industrial ditrict,Zhangyang zone,Zhangmutou town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province. CopyRight © 2013 www.laptjlu.com All Rights Reserved.  Dongguan Deke Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.


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