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    Dongguan Deke Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Tel:+86 769 82058058     Fax: +86 769 82058858
    Address:No.1,Fuzhu Road ,Yinyang industrial ditrict,Zhangyang zone,Zhangmutou town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province.

    Contact Email:postmaster@dgdksj.com


    Product Name:Double-Shaft Plastic Film Granulating Line
    Product category:Plastic Recycling Machine Line

    Double Shaft Plastic Film Granulating Line specialized in plastic film granules making,compare with the recycling machine with equip broken bucket have the advantage of fast feeding,no need crusing,high capacity,Energy saving,get rid of big power broken bucket could get higher economic efficiency,running more steady.,equipment widely use for the waste plastics recycling&palletizing in LDPE,PP,LLDPE etc. Various film material granules making. The main technique characteristic:1.Specially designed claw shape force feeder enhance the feeding speed consumedly,2.Adopt domestic advance special double shaft gear box,fitted the special usage inverter for electric motor,machines working steady,run continuously. 3.fitted Hydraulic Double Screen change device,enhance the production efficiency consumedly. Double-shaft working video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTYzODA0ODMy.html

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    Tel:+86 0769-82058058  Fax: +86 769-82058858  Address:  No.1,FuzhuRoad ,Yinyang industrial ditrict,Zhangyang zone,Zhangmutou town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province. CopyRight © 2013 www.laptjlu.com All Rights Reserved.  Dongguan Deke Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.


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